Saturday, June 2, 2018

5 Bug Out Bags

Building a Bug Out Bag is a big deal for most people.  Unfortunately, having one bag for every sort of bug out scenario is a bit difficult because you may only be going across town to a hotel (and thus not need the 10 pounds of camping gear included in your bag).  Whether you choose to make separate bags or just put various components together (toiletries bag, camping gear, office bag, etc), here are the five bug out scenarios you should plan for:

  1. Staying away from home for a week or less (bugging out to a hotel when there is flooding in your area, going to the hospital for a week, etc).
  2. Bugging out to the wilderness (this would include all of your backpacking/outdoor survival gear, guns, etc).
  3. Leaving the country (you can't take your guns with you but you do need your passport/international currency, etc).
  4. Never ever coming home (as in the case of a wildfire/massive tornado heading your way which will most likely destroy your house.  Make a list of stuff you would want to pile into the car if you could never return home including antiques, important documents, and other irreplaceable things).
  5. TEOTWAWKI (if you can't bug in during such an event consider what you would need to move far away and reestablish yourself in a different bug out location).

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