Thursday, June 28, 2018

20 Disaster Items for Your Pet

During a disaster, people are usually as concerned about their pets as they are about their children (to the point that they won't leave a declared disaster area, opting to stay with their pets instead of leaving them behind).  Fortunately, disaster response agencies are now taking pets into consideration both by offering shelter for them and even evacuating pets right along with their owners.  Be sure you have a "pet BOB" to grab and go with your pet in the event of a disaster.  Note that these items are for cats and dogs so make alterations to this list if you have a hamster or lizard.

Include these 20 items in your pet BOB:

  1. Cage/carrier.
  2. Leash/collar.
  3. Collar tag with animal's name and your contact info.
  4. Microchip/license/up-to-date vaccinations for your pet (be sure to back up this info along with your computer files as well as take a photo of this info to keep on your phone in case you need proof but don't have the physical documents to show your pet has been vaccinated/licenses).
  5. Water dish/bottles of water.
  6. Pet food (mostly dry as canned foods are pretty heavy to carry; if you do bring canned food, bring a can opener).  Also treats.
  7. Blanket/bedding.
  8. Toys (not the annoying squeaky ones if you will be in a public shelter).
  9. Prescription/OTC Medications.
  10. Pee pads/garbage bags/poop bags (your pets may need to relieve themselves indoors so a quick place for them to go and an easy way to clean up is necessary).
  11. A bag to carry all of these items in.
  12. A muzzle (a good safety precaution for many dogs in chaotic environments like a shelter).
  13. Towel/wet wipes (in case you need to clean your pet if they have been in flood water/mud/etc).
  14. A picture of your pet (in case you are separated from your pet, this is one way to help find them).
  15. Shoes and clothes if needed.  Small dogs often get cold so doggie clothes are a good option.  Dogs that walk in the desert in summer/snow in winter may need doggie shoes.
  16. A way to keep track of your pet (GPS tracker, bells so you can hear your cat, etc).
  17. A pet first aid kit.
  18. Health items (flea/tick collar, topical flea/tick treatment, etc).
  19. Any other items you pet needs not listed here.
  20. An evacuation plan (a pre-planned place to board them, relatives you can leave them with, etc).

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