Saturday, June 30, 2018

10 Small Items to Buy to Save Big

I'm always surprised that people will shell out lots of money on big ticket items yet scrimp on small items which can actually save them a lot of money/time/safety/etc.  Consider adding these items to your shopping list...

  1. A really good cell phone cover/case which will save your phone from breaking if it drops.
  2. Compact battery jump starter (much cheaper than calling for a tow).
  3. Surge protectors for your valuable electronics.
  4. Flashlight (this is a cheap fix for when the power goes out and it is safer than using a candle).
  5. Maintenance like getting regular oil changes, dental cleanings, changing furnace filters, etc.  The alternative is using an item until it breaks down instead of prolonging the life of an item with a bit of preventive maintenance.
  6. Orthotics/insoles which can make good shoes even better for your feet.
  7. A good gun safe.  There are many varieties to fit your needs which will give you both peace of mind plus keep your firearms safely stored/hidden from people would would abscond with them.
  8. Working smoke detectors.  Most house fire deaths are caused by lack of smoke detectors or lack of batteries in smoke detectors.  A $10 smoke detector is well worth the cost of the lives/property it can save.
  9. High efficiency shower head--not only will you save money on water but many of these new shower heads make for an excellent shower experience.
  10. For the ladies, menstrual cups.  Some women swear by these and say they save thousands of dollars in menstrual supplies over the course of a lifetime. 

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