Thursday, May 17, 2018

Why You Need to Be Knowledgeable About All Kinds of Disasters

The first step to being prepared is to know what kinds of disasters are common to the area you live and then prepare to avoid/respond to/mitigate such disasters.  But even if you live a thousand miles from the coast or a long flight away from tornado alley, you still should be knowledgeable about hurricanes and tornadoes...and every other common (and uncommon) type of disaster that could happen in order to prepare for the unlikely event of finding yourself in the midst of such an occurrence.

For as often as I have been to Connecticut, I would never expect to see a tornado there, let alone four in one day as happened yesterday.  I've also been to Hawaii several times, including a couple trips to Kilauea, but would never have expected the huge eruptions that are currently taking place there.  A similar thing was noted by survivors of the Banda Ache tsunami, many of them tourists, who had no idea what a tsunami even looked like let alone how to respond to one.

While you may never encounter a winter blizzard, an earthquake, or other sort of natural or man-made disaster, it pays to at least study up on all of the various types of disasters so that if you happen to be on vacation or away on business and run into such a disaster, you will know how to react and respond.

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