Wednesday, May 16, 2018

10 "Treats" to Add to Your BOB

You can find all kinds of lists of stuff you should put in your bug out bag.  Nearly all of these lists cover the basics (socks, extra ammo), and some cover beyond the basics (tactical gear, night vision goggles).  When you are in a survival situation, however, you sometimes need a few treats to see you through difficult and stressful times.  So called "comfort items", these things will make your bad day a bit better...

  1. Candy.  Preferably chocolate if it won't melt all over your bag (and if you like chocolate).  Otherwise just toss in some of your favorites.
  2. Alcohol.  Tiny bottles of alcohol can be purchased at your local liquor store and again, pack a few bottles of your favorites (Scotch, brandy, etc).
  3. Books.  A book, if that is all you have room for or, better yet, a Kindle (and solar charger) with many books on it.
  4. Journal and pen.  If you like to write or journal, a small notebook can help you decompress (or better yet record useful information about your situation).
  5. Playing cards.  This is a great way to pass the time, either alone (Solitaire), with a group (poker), or with the grandkids (Go Fish).
  6. Something to alleviate stress.  A fidget spinner, bubble wrap, stress ball, a Rubik's Cube, yarn and knitting needles, etc.
  7. Ear plugs and eye mask.  In case you want to tune out the world and get some peace and quiet.
  8. Bag Balm.  Fixes dry, cracked skin on face/hands/feet/etc.
  9. Movies/video games.  This is another way to take your attention off the situation at hand and kill some time.  Instead of a Kindle, you can just bring a tablet which can contain books, movies, and video games.  Be sure to include ear buds.
  10. Personal item.  Something important to you--family photos on your tablet, handwritten notes from a SO, etc.

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