Monday, April 30, 2018

Daily Preparedness Tip: OPSEC

OPSEC, or operations security, is critical to your preparedness efforts.  In other words, you don't want anyone to know you are a prepper, even your closest friends and in many cases, even your family.  No one needs to know that you have an armory of weapons, cases of ammo, can easily put your hands on a million dollars, and that while you may gift the spouse with gold and jewels, your safe holds enough gold in bars and coins, to whisk the family away to a safe spot across the globe and set up and entire new life at a moment's notice.

Once word of any of this gets out, you become a target for every crack head, professional thief, greedy relative, and kidnapper in the region and beyond.  In other words, keep your preps on the down low, be careful what you tell the kids so they don't tell their friends, be generous with your time and knowledge with friends and relatives, but not so much with your money.  And most importantly, physically conceal the bulk of your preps--especially your firearms and more SHTF preps--so prying eyes don't begin to guess what you are up to.

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