Sunday, April 29, 2018

All The Gear You Need to Travel the World

I saw this article today in my feedreader about all of the gear you need to travel the world.  I'm guessing Outside Magazine gets a cut of the things they tell you to buy because there is no way you need a 55l Osprey Farpoint backpack to travel the world.  Ditto most of the other stuff they recommend.  To travel the world you need:

  • Passport and other form of ID
  • A couple credit cards (different banks, without foreign transaction fees if possible)
  • Cell phone and charger
  • A daypack/backpack, around 30l max unless you are carrying backpacking gear (I've used a cheap backpack from Walmart to travel the world before and those wear just fine)
  • Change of clothes (they don't need to be ExOfficio or anything like that; stuff from the Goodwill is fine)
  • Toiletries/first aid stuff in a ziploc bag
That's literally all you need.  Bring some snacks and a bottle of water and you are set.  Any other stuff you bring should be carefully considered as you can usually find anything else you need on the road as you travel and traveling lighter is always traveling better.


  1. While not exactly native advertising, it's a worthless piece. I would add a plug adapter, depending on where you will be traveling. But not the multi-piece set they suggest. I picked up an all-in-one combo with slide out plugs at the airport in Frankfurt en route to Azerbaijan. Probably my favorite.

    Also, the article may have been written by someone who has never traveled around the world. It sounds like their descriptions were developed by thinking "What do advertiser suggest we travel with?"



  2. Agree with the travel light method. Some years ago, my wife and I took a bus excursion trip in Mexico, six days - five nights carrying everything we had in two day packs. It was great - no wondering if luggage was transferred or gone through - we had it with us all the time. Two shirts, an extra pair of pants and shorts, two pairs of socks and underwear (besides what was worn). Some banana chips and M&Ms - we were set.

  3. Two things I focus on when traveling--my feet and hydration. Both can quickly ruin your day.

    Thanks for posting daily and keeping it simple and to the point.