Monday, April 2, 2018

5 Concerning Things

It's been a busy week.  Here are five things that made me do a double take during the last few days...

  1. As we were looking at other desert communities to live in, I checked the municipal water source for one small town that we were looking at and found that nuclear waste water will more than likely end up in their ground water where local wells draw water from.  Needless to say, that rules out that town on our possible move-to list.
  2. The Sinclair Media kerfuffle should be a serious omen of things to come.  If you think fake news is bad, how about a media company that reaches 70% of all US citizens being able to have someone craft a message that all reporters are forced to recite to the public.  The possibilities of misuse of this power is mind boggling.
  3. Watching the stock market too closely will give you whiplash.  The market is ALWAYS cyclical so bull then bear, bull then bear.  Always.
  4. A protester jumps in front of a moving police car and gets hit after being repeatedly told to get out of the street and the protester is the victim?  I guess common sense is in short supply these days as most people know that jumping in front of a moving car will get you run over.  Not only that but the large crowd was threatening the officer and they didn't expect him to remove himself from danger as quickly as possible?  SMH
  5. And since I am a nutrition aficionado, I saw this article today and thought "finally someone said it.  Finally."

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