Tuesday, April 3, 2018

25 Health Questions

When you are in an emergency situation (or even just visiting your doctor) be prepared to answer these common health questions:

  1. Do you have allergies (include environmental, food, and medication allergies)?
  2. What prescription and non-prescription medications do you take (include name and dosage, list of vitamins you take, etc)?
  3. Do you take any illegal drugs (what kind and how often)?
  4. What is your medical history (include a list of surgeries, medical procedures, hospitalizations, major illnesses, etc)?
  5. Are your vaccinations up to date (these should be listed, include date and type of each immunization)?
  6. Do you have health insurance (have the name of the insurance company, plan ID number, and group ID number on hand)?
  7. What is your weight and height?
  8. Have you traveled outside of your area in the past year (includes places/countries visited, dates, and any unusual circumstances including exposures to illness, animals, etc)?
  9. Do you have a Will, Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney, Advanced Medical Directive, etc?
  10. Who is your next of kin (name, address, and phone number)?
  11. What religious beliefs do you have that may impact your medical care?
  12. What are your health metrics (blood pressure, blood glucose level, and cholesterol level)?
  13. What are your lifestyle factors (do you drink, smoke)?
  14. Are you pregnant or could you be pregnant?  How many times have you been pregnant and outcomes?
  15. Do you exercise (how many times a week, type of exercise, and duration)?
  16. How is your diet (in general what do you eat)?
  17. What illnesses and diseases run in your family (heart attacks? strokes? mental health issues? cancers? etc)?
  18. Do you have any mental health issues (diagnosed or undiagnosed; include depression, suicidal feelings or attempts, diagnosed mental illnesses, etc)?
  19. What is your sexual health history?
  20. Do you use any assistive devices (hearing aids, walker/cane, dentures, prosthetics, etc)?
  21. Do you have any implants (surgical mesh, stents, hip or other joint replacements, etc)?
  22. What kind of birth control do you use?
  23. Are you up to date on common health screenings (PAP test and mammograms for women, colonoscopy, etc)?
  24. Have you had your vision tested recently/do you wear glasses or contacts?
  25. Have you had your hearing tested recently?

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