Saturday, April 28, 2018

10 Ways to Save A Life

From the news this weekend...

  1. Wear a seat belt and make sure everyone else in the car does too.  Being launched out of a vehicle during a crash often means death.
  2. Drive a car instead of a bicycle or motorcycle.  There is a huge motorcycle rally in Laughlin this weekend, unfortunately one person won't make it as they were killed in a crash on the way there today.  Cars offer a lot more protection in a crash than anything on two wheels can.
  3. Avoid the two main causes of crashes (this weekend we are talking boat and car crashes as there have been a rash of both): speed and alcohol.
  4. Although "killed by mom's boyfriend" isn't an ICD 10 code yet, it probably should be.  Be exceedingly wary of who you leave your child with.
  5. If you think you need a pit bull, think again.  Pit bulls are far and away the most common types of dogs that kill or severely injure people.  
  6. If you or someone you know has mental health issues and/or substance abuse issues and/or suicidal tendencies, get help.  Every day in the news you will find articles about suicide (Avicii was the most notable this weekend), overdose deaths (in my state an average of two per day), and mental health issues (generally having to do with homeless and violence or domestic abuse and violence).
  7. Killed by random violence is a thing here is Vegas as well as many other places.  People may either be at the wrong place at the wrong time (as happened here a couple days ago) or are hanging with the wrong people (as suspected in a drive-by shooting of two teenagers last night).
  8. Jaywalking is a surprisingly common cause of death here in Las Vegas.  Now crossing in the middle of a quiet two lane road is one thing, but on many city streets there are four or more lanes of traffic all traveling very fast and trying to cross the street akin to "Frogger" doesn't work out well for the pedestrian in most cases.
  9. Deaths related to environmental factors don't often make the news unless it is tragic (like a baby left in a hot car) or shocking (like the two teens who went out for a hike in Joshua Tree and died from the heat; they were found months later).  And while these deaths aren't a big deal, statistically, they are usually wholly preventable by preparing for the weather--either hot or cold--with common sense and basic preps.
  10. Finally, although it won't make the news, is the number of people who die each day from heart disease and cancer, the top two leading causes of death in our country.  Many of these deaths are lifestyle-related and can be prevented with lifestyle changes like diet, stress reduction, and exercise.

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