Friday, March 16, 2018

Post-Medical Emergency Prep Tips

Now that the spouse is home and a medical crisis has been averted, here are a few post-medical emergency prep tips:

  • Scan the discharge paperwork and keep the file on your computer as well as on your cell phone (should another emergency occur you can quickly show this information to medical responders as well as ED staff if you end up at a different hospital).
  • Take a photo of each prescription bottle and keep it on your cell phone (for the same reason as above).
  • Use those daily pill organizers to keep meds straight.
  • Review your Will, Living Will, and Medical Power of Attorney (when the hospital staff asked if there was a Living Will and Medical Power of Attorney the answer was yes but we hadn't reviewed these documents in years so it was a good reminder to review these documents every once in a while).
  • Pre-package a few day's worth of meds and add them to your EDC bag and BOB in case you aren't home when they need to be taken (in our case, both the spouse and I carry the extra packets of meds in case one doesn't have their bag or runs out).
  • Ask your physician for 90 day prescriptions if possible (in a disaster scenario having additional meds until you can reach an open pharmacy may be important).
  • Make and keep all follow-up appointments with physicians and specialists.
  • Study up on your medical conditions and be as knowledgeable about your condition and treatment as possible.
  • Make any necessary changes--no matter how drastic--to your diet and exercise and other lifestyle factors in order to improve your health.

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