Sunday, March 4, 2018

10 Random Things (That Don't Have Anything To Do With Guns or Politics)

It's Sunday and everyone should take a break on Sunday or Friday or whatever your day of choice is.  This means no politics, no guns, no shootings, no flame wars on social media, etc.

  1. Startled cats (hilarious)
  2. Pixel Art Draw (fun)
  3. The Oscars (on now)
  4. Super Cook (make something for dinner)
  5. Pong (from back in the day)
  6. Shark Tracker (track sharks in real time)
  7. Find the Invisible Cow (useless but amusing)
  8. Sporkle (trivia)
  9. TED (educational)
  10. Skywatching (what's happening in the sky)

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