Saturday, February 17, 2018

10 Things You Need In A Mass Shooter Situation

YMMV of course but here are some things to consider...

  1. A firearm and a concealed carry license.  The way to stop someone with a gun is often with a gun.  Of course it is a personal choice to carry or not.  Here are some examples of civilians who have stopped mass shooters with their firearms.
  2. Tactical firearms training.  Even if you have been carrying concealed for years, even if you are an expert hunter, tactical shooting is a whole other type of deal and you need to learn these sort of skills from a professional.  And practice them.
  3. An escape route.  Always look for as many escape routes as possible in any place you happen to be whether you are inside or outside.
  4. A place to hide.  Again, always be assessing your options.  If you couldn't escape your location, how/where could you hide?
  5. If you are hiding, know the difference between cover and concealment.  Ideally a place that offers both would be optimal.
  6. Be physically fit.  Could you run out of a building and the length of a football field if necessary?  Could you hide under a desk without severe back spasms?  Could you evacuate a room by jumping out of a window without injuring yourself?  Be as physically fit as possible so that you can physically escape a mass shooting if necessary.
  7. Fighting skills.  Any sort of fighting skills (karate, boxing, kobudo) will give you an edge if worse comes to worst and you end up physically fighting for your life.
  8. Actual, specialized, active shooter training.  Learn the best way to deal with an active shooter situation from the experts.
  9. A trauma first aid course.  Once you survive an active shooter situation, would you be able to render first aid effectively?
  10. As many active and passive physical security measures as you can cram into your house/office building/school.

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