Friday, January 19, 2018

The Las Vegas Shooting Preliminary Report

On my task list for today, reviewing this preliminary report from LVMPD about the 1 October mass shooting.  I've briefly scanned it and noted some things that still don't make sense.  While I usually have the utmost respect for Metro (the Las Vegas police department), the clusterfuckery that is this event boggles the mind. 

I've seen Metro and their SWAT team in action--their tactical response skills and training are excellent.  I am well aware of the scum of the earth that they need to deal with on a daily basis.  In general this is a really good department.  But this event, at least all of the "official reports" that came out after the event, seem like a dozen people are trying to write a narrative of events without using the same facts.

We'll see what the report says...

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