Friday, September 8, 2017

Prepping Challenges 91 Thru 100--You

Sometimes you go through the previous 90 prepping challenges, you have a massive amount of food and water stockpiled end up a refugee with only the clothes on your back.  Of all of the refugees I have known--from the previously very wealthy to the previously very poor--many ended up fleeing war-ravaged countries with basically what they could carry with them.  So this is perhaps the most important section as you are your most important secret weapon for surviving whatever disaster comes along.

#91--You make your health one of your top priorities.  You eat healthy, keep up with your vaccinations, keep a handle on your health markers (weight, blood pressure, blood sugar cholesterol, etc), and de-stress on a regular basis.

#92--Your next priority is your fitness.  You can walk long distances, you can easily climb under a desk if there is an earthquake, you can easily lift heavy objects to clear your way from a disaster are fit, flexible, strong, and have excellent cardio abilities.

#93--You are educated and continue to enhance your education on a regular basis.  Whether is it improving your job skills, learning more about prepping, or seeking out new sources of information, you don't stop learning just because no one is requiring it.

#94--You got skills.  While other people spend countless hours surfing the web and overdosing on social media, you spend your time learning new skills.  When your community offers a CERT class, you are first in line to sign up, when you realize your are missing critical defensive skills, you seek out a close-quarters combat course to increase your ability to protect yourself and your family.  Learning new skills is a fun (and infinitely useful) way to spend your free time.

#95--You have people.  While it may be easier to stay home and become a hermit to avoid the craziness of our world, you realize that exercising your social skills muscle is a great way to build community, meet new and interesting people, and develop the relationships necessary for survival in a SHTF situation.

#96--You plan, complete with checklists, for everything.  There is no need to keep all of your "to dos" in your head and you need to be organized to get everything done so you know that using checklists and writing things down will make you more organized and more successful.

#97--You have a generally good attitude.  Your attitude can often be the defining factor when it comes to enduring difficult situations.  Read more about this here, here, and here.

#98--You aren't afraid to try new things.  Maybe grandma wants to teach you how to knit a sweater.  Not very manly but a useful skill nonetheless and it makes grandma happy.  Maybe your kids want you to go on the 'Plunge of Death' roller coaster with them.  Well that doesn't sound like fun, per se, but it is a new experience so why not.  And always take the opportunity to travel, you will learn a lot.

#99--You are ready to travel.  You have your passport, yellow card, visas if necessary, spare passport pictures, and travel gear ready to go at a moment's notice.  Traveling teaches all kinds of survival skills from negotiating in a language you don't understand to learning from new experiences.

#100--You help others.  Whether it's lending a helping hand during a disaster or volunteering to teach a preparedness course at your local community center, helping kids site in their hunting rifles at the local range or ensuring that your kids know how to cook for themselves, helping others learn vital skills and just generally helping others out during their time of need goes a long way towards increasing everyone's ability to survive a disaster.

And check out this list which will help you make a 'clean sweep' of your entire lift.

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