Thursday, May 18, 2017

What is Our Country Coming To??

This will be a rant post so feel free to skip or vent as needed...

While I am (usually) a republican, I didn't vote for Trump (I had serious concerns about his mental health) and I didn't vote for Hillary (I had serious concerns about any politician with a body count list), so I ended up going Libertarian (Johnson seemed like a reasonable guy but he really didn't have a snowball's chance in Hell of being elected.  Unfortunately.).  So now, four months later, we are getting a country being run into the ground by Trump (kind of like many of his businesses but I digress...).  No matter which end of the political spectrum you fall on, EVERY American should be concerned about the following issues...

This isn't the America I grew up in.  And while I know I am old and set in my ways, undermining the very fabric of American is a lousy way to push this country forward (or into the ground as it seems to be the direction we are heading).  Citizens need to stand up and keep their representatives accountable for the government they are responsible for and the governed they represent.

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