Thursday, November 10, 2016

First, Last, and Only Post About the Election

So I feel compelled to offer some words of wisdom (?) about the recent election and that will be the end of it as far as I am concerned...

  • It was quite the shocker.  Seeing all of those states turn red was rather surprising to everyone I think.
  • I wouldn't have been cheering no matter who won.  I thought our choices--for all of the parties--was rather dismal this go around.
  • I did vote however, as everyone should.
  • And although I am not a Hillary fan (I'm not a Trump fan either for that matter), her concession speech was the best speech I've heard in a long time.
  • I don't understand the protests going on after the election though.  Like much of the mindless protesting over the past year or so, what is the end game?  Do these people think that Trump will see all of the protests and relinquish his new post?  I don't think so.  And if using protests (which is their right) as an excuse to riot and cause violence to happen is the extent of their desire for protesting, well, as one meme (that I can't find now otherwise I would link to it) said, this is how you get Trump as a president since the vast majority of people are sick of that kind of crap.
  • The media was thoroughly awful this election season (I mean they always are but with so much in-your-face social media to add to the standard media awfulness I think that helped push people over the edge).
  • And hallelujah(!) no more political ads on TV.
  • As with any election, everyone needs to suck it up and become one group of people pulling for America again instead of being so hateful and divisive.
  • Plus we have a system of checks and balances for a reason.  Although Congress has allowed the Executive branch to trample over it with impunity for the past decade or so, they need to grow a pair (pairs?) and keep the Executive branch in check.
  • All isn't lost.  Individuals can still make a difference in everyday American life simply based on their choices.  Get involved in local politics and state politics as your state has just as much impact on your everyday life as the federal government.  Hold your elected officials responsible for their actions.  Encourage everyone else to vote.  Make your immediate community better, after all, you live here 24/7/365 so you might as well make it as nice as possible.
  • Keep on preppin.  No matter what happens, the basics are still the basics.  Having water during a drought, food during food shortages, a way to stay warm even if there is no power, etc. are still the necessities of life and the things you have the most control over.  Get out of debt, pay off your house, have money in savings, have multiple sources of get the idea.
I'll hop off my soapbox now...

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