Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hurricane Preps

If you are in Florida at the moment you (hopefully) are either evacuating or getting ready to ride out the hurricane heading your way.  All of the major news outlets are covering the storm, and reddit is lit up with useful news and information here, here, and here.

As usual, news reports highlight the unprepared..."In Jupiter, resident Randy Jordan told CNN affiliate WPEC people were pushing and shoving their way through the local Home Depot to buy supplies ranging from batteries to flashlights.  "The vibe on the street this morning is pre-panic," Jordan said. "By tomorrow, it should just be a brawl."

Really, this shouldn't even be a thing but it takes something like looming death for some people to think that maybe they should stock up on a bit of food and maybe get a flashlight.

The bottom line is that EVERYONE should be prepared for any sort of disaster whether you live on a beach prone to hurricanes or inland where there are no real natural or man-made disasters.  There should be no reason for you to be slogging through the masses because you have no flashlights or batteries or stored water (but I'm sure most of you know that already).  It's pretty much a guarantee there will be some sort of emergency event during the course of your life which will require #1 stockpiled water, #2 stockpiled food, #3 stockpiled money, #4 stockpiled emergency supplies, #5 bugging out, and/or #6 bugging in.  And for the love of all that's holy, don't fire up your generator indoors (which you also know but I was rather surprised that many people on reddit had no idea why that was a bad thing).  

For more info on prepping for a hurricane, check here, here, and here.

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