Friday, July 8, 2016

You Know Things Are Going To Hell in a Hand Basket When...

...I can plan out a week's worth of blog posts and leave space for the as yet unknown but most likely to happen mass shooting.  Let's see, next week I will write one post about gear, one post about a general preparedness topic, one post about personal safety, one post about a newsworthy item (probably a mass shooting of some sort), and one post about community preparedness.  Sounds crazy but those posting topics will be just as valid next week as this.  That's a sad commentary on our current society.

Five Dallas police officers were killed last night by a violent black man that was protesting about police shooting--oh the irony--violent black men.  Note that in many of these shootings, the Minnesota case not withstanding, the people being shot were violent felons.  So there's that.

If people are looking for a race war, they seem to be well on their way in that direction.  Which is sad because the majority of people of all races just want to be able to live in a calm neighborhood, be reasonably assured that their family is safe when going about their daily activities, and come home to a nice dinner each evening.

Hopefully cooler heads will prevail but I am not so confident since, throughout most of the day, not only is the news reporting on the Dallas shooting but multiple shootings around the country targeting police officers that have been happening today.

Here's hoping that our law enforcement officers stay safe out there.

On a side note, if I was a conspiracy theorist, I would wonder what all of these "coincidental incidents" are portending.  The powers that be have found that if you get the populace all riled up over a particularly popular topic (racial violence) you can do pretty much anything because people won't be paying attention (read: Rodney King/NAFTA, Ferguson & Baltimore/TPP).  Keep your head on a swivel folks.

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