Thursday, July 7, 2016

Feeling Suicidal? Here's Some Resources

Suicide is no joke when it comes to those who have served in our armed forces.  Statistics show that in 2014, 20 veterans were committing suicide each day, and, among the population in general, suicide is at a 30-year high.  Whether you are a former service member, current service member, or just an average person, if you are feeling suicidal, consider taking advantage of these resources:

Feeling  suicidal isn't a weakness or a character flaw.  There are a number of causal factors when it comes to feeling suicidal--from genetics to a chemical imbalance in the brain to the way your brain deals with trauma--and if you notice, "just getting over it" isn't a way to "cure" any of these things.  You wouldn't tell someone with cancer to "just get over it" and feeling suicidal is just as much a medical problem as any other medical disease that requires intervention.  

Before you do anything drastic, give some other alternatives a try.  Contact a helpline above, talk out whatever is bothering you with your buddies who would understand what you have been through, work with your doctor to fix the underlying issues that are causing suicidal thoughts (depression, mental or physical illness, etc), consider meds, even medical marijuana might be an option.

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