Wednesday, July 13, 2016

10 Justice Fails

When it comes to face palming over legal fails, examples abound.  Consider...

  1. Squatters seem to have more rights than home owners.
  2. Hillary Clinton commits perjury.  Twice.  Justice shrugs.
  3. North Carolina has exempted police camera footage from the public.  Kind of defeats the purpose of police camera footage in my book.
  4. Domestic violence isn't a legal reason to get a divorce in Mississippi.  Because...Mississippi.
  5. Monsanto is still suing farmers.  No one seems to care.
  6. Drug prices continue to get jacked up.  No one seems to care (except for the people who would die without them).
  7. Many people are asking that BLM be declared a terrorist organization.  Meanwhile BLM leaders are hanging out at the White House.  Would Obama invite the KKK to the White House???
  8. Meanwhile in Germany, sexual assaults committed by migrants seem to be swept under the carpet.  But apparently bracelets are supposed to help (?!).
  9. And once again Obama is ruling by declaration rather than through Congress.  No one cares (or they are so caught up in the media-fueled race baiting stuff that they didn't notice).
  10. Finally I found out today that the ACLU (American CIVIL Liberties Union) doesn't support the Second Amendment.  And more of their stances here.
America is sitting on a powder keg.  Everyone is feeling disenfranchised and pissed off and all people are getting is more spin but no fixes.  Good thing we are into preparedness and survival, I think it may come in handy soon.

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