Friday, February 19, 2016

13 Rugged Essentials for Surviving 9 to 5

I saw this list entitled "13 Style Essentials for Surviving 9 to 5" and though is that list a joke?  Here's a better list:

  1. Wallet.  A $60 wallet that holds a total of four cards?  Meh.  Pick what works for you.  Here's some ideas.
  2. A Rhodia notebook.  These are trendy like Moleskines, but again, pick what works for you.  I usually pick up a small notebook from the $1 store since I tend to write notes and then toss them quickly.  I'm not writing tomes that I will keep forever.  On the other hand, if you need a notebook that will hold up, check out these.
  3.  Pilot G2 pen.  I have to agree that pilot pens are pretty good (I tend to carry multiple varieties myself).  Others swear by Fisher Space Pens.
  4. Brass Fish Hook Clip.  Meh.  I like carabiners better.
  5. A $175 leather bag.  Again, pick what works for your.  While I carried leather bags and briefcases for years, I eventually switched to a waterproof Timbuk 2 bag as well as various backpacks.
  6. Face wipes.  For $24??? No thanks.  A couple of handi wipes which are free from the casino or picked up at the $1 store work just fine.
  7. Bandanna.  For $14???  No thanks again.  You can pick up a 100% cotton bandanna from the $1 store or for a couple bucks at your local Walmart.
  8. Key chain tool.  $12?  Nope.  Gerber makes one for $5.
  9. A $1500 watch.  I know plenty of people who are watch aficionados so this is a "to each his own" category.  A Timex, Casio, or Columbia watch will set you back less than $50 (and be more rugged).
  10. A knife.  For $164.  There are all kinds of knives out there, from ultra cheap to ultra fashionable, from the tactical to the ultra luxe $5000 variety.  Pick a well made knife that you can afford, works for the tasks you need it for, and keep it forever.
  11. Earphones.  For $199.  I rarely use earphones but I always carry a cheap pair with me just in case.  A $20 pair of earbuds works just fine for me but there are audiophiles out there who will spend a small fortune on earphones.  It's up to you.
  12. Water bottle.  I pick up a bottle of water or Gatorade then just reuse the bottle.  These bottles are free-ish, don't leak, are disposable, and are very lightweight.  On the other hand some people want their own personal bottle (which can be picked up cheap at Ross or TJ Maxx, cheaper at the Goodwill).
  13. Sunglasses.  These are a personal choice.  I got a fine pair of Foster Grant sunglasses at the 99 cent store.  Surprisingly these have have a much longer life than more expensive sunglasses I've used over the years.  The only time I will spend more on sunglasses is if they will literally save your vision (like polarized lenses for skiing).


  1. I like my trucker's wallet (chained to person). Bulkier than most - okay, ALL other wallets, lol, but its carries a lot of stuff. SOG Crosscut mini-tool with sewing bobbin w/ trip wire for example. A pair of sail needles in cut down coffee stirrer, several types of thread wound around the outside. My keys has a SAK Mini-champ for a knife that does a lot.

    I removed the leather snap tab off ring and replaced w/ carabiner that snaps onto belt loop. Its faster than the leather tab on and off and it can be removed to ... bine stuff :^)

    Thanks for the post - a lot of good ideas there.