Thursday, February 18, 2016

10 Things to Keep on Your Bedside Table

You never know when a disaster will strike and you will need to make a quick exit from your home.  Ideally you will have a few minutes to get yourself ready, grab your BOB, and walk out the door of your home and to your vehicle in an orderly fashion.  On the other hand, you may have only seconds to grab some important stuff and bail out your bedroom window.  In such a case, have these ten items on your bedside table so you can make a quick--if not graceful--exit:

  1. Keys
  2. Wallet
  3. Cash
  4. Cell phone/charger
  5. Back-up thumb drive of all files
  6. Shoes
  7. Bottle of water
  8. Granola bar
  9. Firearm/spare magazine
  10. Pocketknife or Leatherman
You will also notice that keeping all of these items near you when you are sleeping will have additional purposes:
  1. Keys: if you have teenagers in your home, keeping the keys away from the kids while you are asleep if a good idea.
  2. Wallet:  ditto.  Plus if a burglar looks into your window and sees a wallet laying on the table they may be even more determined to break in.
  3. Cash:  ditto.
  4. Cell phone:  for emergency calls and always being reachable on your cell.
  5. Backed up files: your computer can die or be consumed by a file but you will always have your files with you.
  6. Shoes:  many people do not wear shoes in the house but in the event of a fire or earthquake you will need these top protect your feet.
  7. Water:  save yourself a trip to the kitchen if you wake up parched in the middle of the night.
  8. Food:  ditto.  Plus for diabetics this is a quick way to raise blood sugar.
  9. Firearm:  for immediate use if there is an intruder, also it's good to keep it away from the kids and/or burglars.
  10. Pocketknife:  good for any quick fix-its.


  1. Item 11 - flashlight - ahem WORKING flashlight (check batteries weekly). Because you may not have time to find it immediately.

    Good list.

  2. Good add. Not sure how I forgot that as there is a good sized Maglight right under the head of my bed too.