Sunday, November 22, 2015

10 Random Comments on the News

Well the news has been much the same lately.  If it bleeds it leads and the more afraid and divisive we can make the populace the better apparently.  Here's some random comments...

  1. Mizzou Students.  You are annoying. Get a life.  You have access to all of the things that students of every other color have so make use of it instead of acting like whiny Millennials.
  2. BLM.  Ditto.  Whatever support you hoped to inspire has evaporated due to your annoying, insulting, and racist tactics.
  3. Dartmouth and Mizzou administration.  Grow a pair.  You are in the business of educating students to the best of your ability not kowtowing to the most disruptive students.  Also, hiring professors by color as students are demanding is asinine.
  4. Syrian refugees.  Most are good people and well vetted before being allowed into the country.  Yes some bad ones will slip in but that happens whether they immigrate here or are born here. 
  5. The presidential contenders.  Our choices are abysmal this election season.  Very sad.
  6. Thanksgiving.  Spend time eating and enjoying time with friends and/or family.  Barring that, volunteer to serve those less fortunate.  Skip the maniacal Black Friday shopping because really, how much crap do you need?  There are good sales year round.
  7. $15 minimum wage. No. Just no.  If you have actual job skills that can earn you $15 per hour that's great.  If you can do the same job that a trained monkey can do, you don't deserve $15 per hour.
  8. On a happy note, the Seahawks are playing today.  Go Hawks!
  9. On another happy note, it's been sunny and 70 degrees for the past week.  Great winter running weather here!
  10. Christmas.  Don't over spend.  Buy useful gifts.  Enjoy the season.  Say 'Merry Christmas' instead of Happy Holidays if the mood strikes you (PC crap annoys me).
Happy Thanksgiving to all of our blog readers!


  1. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and the others as well.

    ISIS / ISIL is really giving the political canidates a real workout in using their brains early. I'm a little torn on the Syrian refugees coming here - why not focus on the Middle Eastern Christians, who are targeted by everyone else in their home country ? I know that the bad ones are already coming through the porous southern border.

  2. Thanks, I'm inclined to agree with you. Resettling Christians in a predominately Christian country makes more sense than hoping staunch Muslims will acquiesce to a very non-Muslim country (some do, some don't from what I've seen).