Thursday, October 1, 2015

And Yet Another School Shooting

Again on the news today I heard of yet another school shooting.  I mildly wondered 'where?' as I caught the last bit of the news.  You know it is a sad day when a mass shooting barely raises an eyebrow.  Here's some random thoughts:

  • As soon as I heard where the shooting took place I was pretty surprised.  I've been to Roseburg a few times. It's a very small town and a very small college.  Mass shootings can happen ANYWHERE.
  • Cue the anti-gunners and gun control folks.  This happens every time there is a shooting yet people still fail to see that these shootings usually have a handful of commonalities that are never addressed, namely the shooting takes place at a designated "gun free" zone, the shooter usually has a history of mental illness (no info yet in this case), and "no one expected it to happen here."
  • You know how social media is a great way to share useful information?  Apparently the guy's plans were posted on 4Chan and he was given all kinds of info on how to get a higher kill rate.  Lovely.
  • And notice how even though he posted such a thing online, no one informed the authorities.
  • And then notice how politicians hop on the bandwagon (never mind that there were 50 people shot in one weekend in Chicago and no one said a single thing about that).
So I toss up my hands.  Yes, I am keeping my guns.  No, I don't think more stringent gun control laws will make a difference (I mean the ones we have aren't really enforced now anyway).  Yes, everyone who is legally able to should carry concealed (shooting back is the only way to stop a mass shooter). 

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