Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Evacuation Planning 101

This has been a pretty tough wildfire season with evacuations happening throughout the west coast fire areas.  Following quickly on the heels of the fire evacuations are people having to flee flooding in Utah over the past couple days.  The one thing that has been said so many times during these evacuations are "we didn't know what to do", "we lost everything" and "we didn't think the (name of disaster) would impact us".

No matter where you live, no matter if there are no real natural disasters in your area, YOU MUST BE READY TO EVACUATE AT A MOMENT'S NOTICE.  You never know when a fire, flood, tsunami, chemical spill. law enforcement operation, etc. will happen and you will only have moments to get out of your home and get out of Dodge.

Reams have been written on the topic of evacuation so I won't relist everything here but there are a number of information sheets you should be familiar with in order to make an evacuation plan BEFORE you need it...

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