Friday, September 25, 2015

10 Things...The Fall Prep List

As of a couple of days ago it was officially fall in the US (hard telling here in Vegas where it is still over 100 degrees each day but I digress...).  Here's some stuff to do:

  1. Go hunting.  Get a gun, get a permit, take a class, go with a friend.  It is a good idea for everyone to know how that hunk of meat gets on your plate.
  2. Get your car ready for winter.  No need to wait until the snow starts flying.
  3. Get your home ready for winter.  How long has it been since your chimney flue was cleaned out?  Dirty flues can cause some spectacular fires.
  4. Get your exercise routine ready for winter.  No need to stop exercising when it gets cold out if you prepare correctly.
  5. Consider fall and winter gardening.  Just think...vegies from your garden all year long!
  6. Prep your yard and garden for winter.  Get your spring yard and garden off to a great start by preparing now.
  7. Try camping in the fall and winter.  It's more fun than it sounds like (plus you will usually have the entire place to yourself).
  8. Prepare now for a winter storm.  Yes it may still be sunny and warm out but winter is right around the corner.
  9. Create multiple streams of income.  An idea...use this extra income to keep out of debt during the holidays.
  10. Make this year's fall and winter holidays the best (and the cheapest/most old fashioned.  Make memories not more credit card bills).

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