Saturday, August 15, 2015

It's Summer Time and the Bloggin Ain't Happenin Much...

I'm sure I will get back to a regular blogging schedule in the near future but the past few weeks have been pretty busy and everything else has tended to fall by the wayside.  Here's some random stuff...

  • If I could open my browser and not see it filled with hate, racism, and other vitriol it would be a good (and exceedingly rare) thing.  I'm fully supportive of the black community, I'm fully supportive of cops doing their job (which can sometimes mean shooting and killing people if necessary), and I am fully supportive of the freedom of speech but this downward spiral of hate and social unrest...only reinforces the idea that people are crazy these days (spoken like a true old person but oh well...).
  • Along this same train of thought, this incident happened recently right here in my own city.  Which only reinforces the need to carry concealed AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE (because people are crazy AND stupid these days).
  • I picked up a small AM/FM radio a few days ago to keep in my daily carry bag.  These days everyone listens to their music/podcasts/online radio on their cell phones but since #1 very few cell phones come with regular FM radio these days, #2 listening to anything on your cell phone for a long while can drain the battery pretty quickly, and #3 a dead cell phone is rather useless, especially in an emergency, it just makes sense to have an alternate source of news and information, especially in a disaster scenario.  Plus I am a fan of local talk radio so there's that.
  • DEFCON just wrapped up in my fair city.  Here's some of the highlights.
  • A family (well, the parents of the family) recently died on a short, fun, day hike in the desert.  Hiking in the summer, especially in the desert, is no joke.  Most people from temperate areas have never been dehydrated before and it can kind of sneak up on you (you have a bunch of weird symptoms and before you know it you are in the ER with an IV hanging on your arm).  Add to that broiling hot sun, no shade, very little water, and no way out but your own two (at this point useless) feet and it spells instant death each summer for a number of people across the desert southwest.
  • If you are finding reddit annoying these days there is always Voat.
That's all for now.  Enjoy your last couple of weeks of summer!