Tuesday, March 4, 2014

20 Things to Know About Your Neighborhood

How well do you know the place that you live?

  1. What are the natural water sources in your neighborhood?
  2. What does your neighborhood look like on Google Earth?
  3. How many evacuation routes are there from your neighborhood?
  4. What are the (natural, commercial) food sources in your neighborhood?
  5. Who are your neighbors?
  6. Do you regularly check the crime map for your neighborhood?
  7. What is the economic data for your neighborhood (average house price, average income, percentage of rentals, etc)?
  8. What types of public transportation is available in your neighborhood?
  9. Do you regularly walk around your neighborhood during the day?
  10. Do you occasionally walk around your neighborhood at night?
  11. What are the hazards (both natural and man-made) in your neighborhood?
  12. What resources are in your neighborhood (ie: police sub-station, library, pharmacy, etc)?
  13. What is your neighborhood/community disaster plan?
  14. Does your neighborhood have a neighborhood watch program?
  15. Do you know the people who work in your neighborhood (mailman, gardeners, etc)?
  16. Do your kids have safe homes they can go to in your neighborhood if you aren't home?
  17. Where is your family's meeting spot in your neighborhood in case they need to evacuate your home?
  18. Do you regularly check the sex offender list for your neighborhood?
  19. What are your neighborhood/community news sources and do you regularly monitor these (newspapers, blogs, Twitter feeds, etc)?
  20. Do you ever work with your neighbors for common goals (neighborhood garage sales, neighborhood barbecues, community sports teams, etc)?

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