Thursday, December 5, 2013

55 Winter Storm Survival Items

If you haven't prepared for a winter storm yet--and for most Americans that storm should be coming soon--here are some items you might want to have on hand:

  1. Bottled water (ALWAYS have extra water on hand)
  2. Food that doesn't need to be cooked (milk, cereal, bread, peanut butter, granola bars, canned food, etc)
  3. Manual can opener
  4. Paper plates/cups/utensils
  5. Tarps of varying sizes (useful in case a tree comes through your roof during a storm among other things)
  6. Rope of varying length and type (ditto)
  7. A Bug Out Bag for each member of the family (these should always be on hand)
  8. Flashlights and extra batteries 
  9. A battery operated radio and extra batteries 
  10. A NOAA weather radio (if you live in an area prone to severe weather)
  11. Working smoke detectors with batteries
  12. Working CO2 detectors with batteries
  13. Winter clothing (wool socks, insulated pants and jacket, long underwear, gloves, hat, etc)
  14. Winter boots
  15. Yaktrax (or similar item to make your boots grip)
  16. Chemical hand warmers
  17. Sleeping bag for each member of the family
  18. Snow shovel
  19. Sand, de-icer, road salt...items to make your walk ways less slippery
  20. First aid kit
  21. Candles
  22. Matches
  23. Tool set
  24. Work gloves
  25. Duct tape
  26. Cash
  27. Hygiene supplies (extra toilet paper, soap, etc)
  28. Waterless hand sanitize
  29. Water purifier tablets
  30. Bleach
  31. Plastic bags (from ziploc sandwich size to large, strong trash bags)
  32. Playing cards, board games, books, and other non-electric entertainment 
  33. Camping stove with fuel
  34. Thermos
  35. Kerosene heater
  36. Firewood and kindling
  37. Chainsaw and extra fuel
  38. Generator and extra fuel
  39. Firearms and extra ammo
  40. 5 gallon buckets
  41. Ice chest
  42. Fire extinguisher
  43. Extra prescription medication
  44. Additional baby supplies (formula, diapers, etc)
  45. Additional pet food
  46. Windshield scraper
  47. Booster cables
  48. Tow chain or rope
  49. Spare vehicle fuel
  50. Light sticks
  51. Shovel
  52. Whistle
  53. Kitty litter or road salt for traction
  54. Snow chains for your vehicle 
  55. Cell phone charger for your car

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