Thursday, December 12, 2013

10 Random Things to Do This Weekend

In an effort to post everyday (and having nothing earth shattering happening news-wise today) I give you ten random things to do this weekend:

  1. Go to a 24-hour micro adventure challenge.  This should make your weekend more interesting.
  2. Challenge your own preconceptions with this "ignorance" test.
  3. Remember this clever use for floor mats; it may come in handy this winter.
  4. See how well you know the countries of Europe.
  5. Pull your credit reports for free from the big three companies (always a good thing to do at least once a year to make sure your credit hasn't been jacked).
  6. Create a modular go bag; I'm sure you have one already, this system adds a bit of refinement.
  7. Watch a TED talk (there's some amazing stuff there).  Here's some to get you started.
  8. Plan to send yourself to summer camp, ideas here, here, and here.
  9. Reexamine your financial situation.
  10. Or you may want to go big and do the Clean Sweep Program.

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