Tuesday, October 15, 2013

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Post for Two Important Messages

Today's post was going to be about bug out bags but I figured these two messages were more important so bug out bags will be our next post (pending a catastrophic meltdown of our government/economy/etc):

Message #1:  I was thinking "this is a preparedness blog, shouldn't I jump into the fray surrounding the government shutdown?".  And then I thought no, because #1, preparedness is a daily type activity that should go on regardless of what is happening in our world, and #2, hyping all of the BS that is going on at the national government level is both well covered by the media ("well" meaning covered abundantly, not well as in a job well done) and useless when you have nothing solid to base your suppositions on besides what "might" happen (unfortunately most people use these guesses to terrify the public which is good for ratings but rather useless in the grand scheme of things).

Message #2:  I may not have made this clear in previous posts but whenever we talk about preparedness stuff, I want to encourage you to use what you have and what you can afford.  Preparedness rarely means you need to go out and leverage yourself to the hilt to buy the "right" gear.  If you have all kinds of money laying around, then by all means, spend it how you wish and if you wish to lay waste to your nearest REI in order to make yourself look like a Nat Geo explorer, then by all means do so.  On the other hand, if all you can afford is a Dollar Store flashlight, I would much rather you spend that $1 on a flashlight for use in an emergency situation rather than #1, put yourself into debt to buy a $250 Surefire Defender Ultra flashlight, or #2, not buy any flashlight at all if you can't buy the best (which is just dumb).  Also, any time you think "I need to go buy fill in the blank", remember that your ancestors accomplished the same thing you are trying to accomplish with a whole lot less stuff, no high tech microfibers or titanium, and a whole lot less money than you probably have in your pocket.  Be creative, use what you have, hit up the thrift stores, barter for what you need, and, maybe more importantly, greatly reduce the amount of things you think you must have to survive and then spend the rest of your time and money enjoying your life as it is now.

...back to our regularly scheduled programming...


  1. And a helluva lot less knowledge that can be found. OTOH, the vast majority of us have very little experience in dealing with adversity. Despite a week or warning of impending hurricane, New Yorkers were complaining ONE DAY after the event they had nothing to eat. dumb Dumb DUMB!

    I'm coming to conclusion that EBT weekend even was just a training exercise. It appears that the program nationwide may cease if a compromise does not occur and THAT will be a major trigger event. Martial law WILL BE DECLARED if that occurs.

    Ramp up the preps folks. What ever can be done. Water, food and needed medications especially.

  2. Did anyone else see the decsion by Chase Bank to limit international money transfers by November 15th ? Do your Google Fu and check it out, this isn't being done by accident. Getting a nest egg outside banks would be an extremely smart decision but prepping as per article below would be even smarter.