Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Government Shutdown

Well now that we are in to day two of the government shutdown, what are the lessons we can take away from this?

  • There's very little you can do when it comes to the government.  Yes you can call your congressman, yes you can stick to CNN like it is your lifeline and become more depressed by the hour, yes you can rant on online forums.  None of that will do much good.
  • This is why you should vote.
  • This is also why you should have both a fat and fluffy emergency fund and be debt free.
  • And why (especially in this instance if you are a government employee) you should have multiple streams of income.
  • Plus this is yet another example of why you can't depend on anyone other than yourself (your job, your income, your government military pension...all shot to hell at the whim of your elected governing officials).
  • Although unlikely, if this shutdown goes on for more than a month, you will see civil unrest (are you prepared for such an event?)
tldr; no matter what is happening in in the world at large, YOU are responsible for yourself which is why preparedness is so freaking important.  You need to be prepared for anything anyone can throw at you.  You need to prepare now.


  1. What civil unrest do you foresee? I don't remember anything serious like that when the government was shut down in '95. That was 21 days, though, not a month. Maybe it would be a good idea for people to put their collective foot down about this nonsense. And thanks for mentioning the debt issue (being debt free). That can't be stressed enough.

    1. With the combination of an impasse regarding both shutdown and the debt ceiling, things could get dicey if, for example, Social Security, veteran pension, and disability checks don't go out. Right now people are inconvenienced and a small portion of the population (government workers) have been furloughed (yet they will still be paid) but take away the myriad of government support programs that take away people's income and I'm guessing TS will HTF.

  2. Just imagine if the Obamacare health insurance program was in effect now. Imagine the problems doctors and hospitals would be having verifying insurance status if the government workers processing the claims were at home sleeping late rather than at their keyboards. Emergency surgeries . . . babies being born . . . kidney dialysis - IT WOULD BE A PROBLEM! Surprised the Republicans haven't brought this up yet.

    The debt issue NEEDS to be addressed 17 trillion projected and growing. If I were a young adult about to enter the world, I would be PISSED at being handed this debt - they haven't done anything to deserve it, we spent the money. We effed them up big time is all I'm saying.