Sunday, September 22, 2013

101 Prepper Tasks

Now that we are starting from the beginning again, I figured I would lay out a "syllabus" of sorts for the tasks that we will be working on.  Here are the first 101 prepper tasks we will go over in future posts:

  1. I have a mini emergency fund of $2000 in cash--half kept at home, half kept in the bank.
  2. I am debt free including my credit cards, cars, student loans, and home.
  3. My EDC (everyday carry) stuff is streamlined and of good quality.
  4. I exercise every day.
  5. I have a basically good diet every day.
  6. I have regular medical exams, have my vaccinations updated, and take my medications as directed.
  7. I have done a personal threat assessment which will allow me to focus on specific threats to the area in which I live.
  8. I have a fully funded emergency fund which can easily cover six months of living expenses.
  9. I have a BOB (bug out bag) which will allow me to be totally self sustaining for a week.
  10. I have a six to twelve month stockpile of food at my home.
  11. I have a stockpile of water in my home.
  12. I have a comprehensive first aid kit at my home.
  13. I have done a thorough home safety assessment and made corrections to ensure my family's safety.
  14. I have experience camping/backpacking in all conditions.
  15. I have firearms and ammo stockpiled (and the knowledge to use these items).
  16. I have multiple sources of income.
  17. I have a disaster communications plan.
  18. I have an evacuation plan.
  19. I hold regular fire drills and lock down drills for me and my family.
  20. I have a valid passport.
  21. I have a disaster plan for my pets.
  22. I have a disaster plan for anyone who is dependent on me (children, elderly relatives, an ill family member, etc).
  23. I have multiple means of communication.
  24. I have multiple means of heating my home.
  25. I have multiple sources of water.
  26. I am familiar with multiple ways to purify water.
  27. I have multiple means of cooking food and heating water if needed.
  28. I have multiple ways to make fire.
  29. My car in in excellent repair and includes a comprehensive car emergency kit.
  30. I have multiple means of transportation at my disposal.
  31. I have advanced medical training.
  32. I am active in clubs that will increase my skills (HAM radio, shooting, Search and Rescue, hiking, etc).
  33. I have friends and family I can count on when I am in desperate straights.
  34. I am technically savvy.
  35. I take precautions to prevent identity theft.
  36. I have taken steps to increase the security of my home.
  37. I have a garden that allows me to produce some of the food I need.
  38. I can raise animals for food if needed.
  39. I know how to cook from scratch.
  40. I know how to forage for wild food.
  41. I know how to fish.
  42. I know how to hunt.
  43. I know how to dress animals and fish that I have caught.
  44. I know how to preserve an animal hide as well as other old time skills that are rarely practiced today.
  45. I can improvise my own survival gear if needed.
  46. I know how to can, dry, freeze, pickle and otherwise preserve food for future use.
  47. I am familiar with multiple ways to signal for help.
  48. I keep up with the news (international news, national news, and news that affects my area).
  49. I know how to use a variety of items to defend myself (pepper spray, knife, bow and arrow, taser, etc).
  50. I know how to navigate with a map and compass.
  51. I know how to navigate with a GPS device.
  52. My library includes many books that would be useful in a survival situation.
  53. I regularly put myself in situations where I can test my survival skills.
  54. I am well acquainted with the area in which I live (including water sources, evacuation routes, common game and wild edibles, etc).
  55. I know how to grow and use medicinal herbs.
  56. I know how to make primitive weapons and snares.
  57. I keep inventories of my food, camping gear, household supplies, etc. and ensure missing items are regularly replaced.
  58. I am always observant and regularly practice situation awareness.
  59. I am familiar with my children's school's disaster plan.
  60. I have a range of quality tools (for gardening, for camping, etc).
  61. I am continually increasing my job skills.
  62. I am familiar with survival skills required in a variety of zones (desert, arctic, jungle, etc).
  63. I avoid legal entanglements as much as possible (no DUIs, court actions, etc).
  64. My spouse and children are on board with prepping so we can operate as a family unit during a disaster.
  65. I have learned advanced tactical skills.
  66. I practice with my firearms regularly.
  67. I know how to reload my own ammo.
  68. I regularly practice unarmed combat techniques (karate, krav maga, etc).
  69. I am familiar with old fashioned ways of predicting the weather.
  70. I know how to handle wilderness dangers (bears, hypothermia, getting lost, etc).
  71. I know how to handle urban dangers (dangerous places, threatening people, etc).
  72. I have ensured that my workplace is as safe as possible.
  73. I am skilled at bartering and trading.
  74. I have multiple items I could use for cash (money, credit cards, gold, silver, jewelry, etc).
  75. I am extremely careful with how I use social media.
  76. I could disappear completely within 24 hours if necessary.
  77. I am familiar with NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) preps.
  78. I am familiar with and train with any advanced survival items I purchase.
  79. I have a safe in my home.
  80. I have a safe room in my home.
  81. I know basic carpentry skills.
  82. I know basic electrical skills.
  83. I know basic plumbing skills.
  84. I have quality clothing and footwear that will allow me to remain comfortable in all weather conditions.
  85. I travel nationally and internationally regularly.
  86. I have a variety of transportation skills (boating, off roading, mountain biking, etc).
  87. I have very good interpersonal skills.
  88. I work and train with a preparedness team who have agreed to help each other out during a disaster.
  89. I am familiar with caches, drops, ciphers, lock picking, and other clandestine skills.
  90. I am familiar with my city, county, and state disaster plans (as well as shelter locations, siren warnings, alerts, etc).
  91. I have comprehensive insurance including health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, and life insurance.
  92. I have a Will, Living Will, Medical Power of attorney, etc.
  93. I have "when I die" instructions for my next of kin.
  94. I have secure, off-site storage for important items.
  95. I have advanced driving skills.
  96. I have an attorney and physician on speed dial.
  97. I live a low profile life.
  98. I seek out and learn from people who have greater skills than myself (and the corollary, I never stop learning).
  99. I make safety an everyday part of my life (wear a seat belt, wear a helmet, avoid dangerous places, etc).
  100. I don't brag about my skills or my preps (ie: I don't want people showing up at my door when TSHTF).
  101. I have a life (other than prepping).


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