Sunday, August 25, 2013

After 1000+ Blog Posts...

Last month the CNI blog surpassed 1000 blog posts.  When I think about what else there is to write about survival and preparedness, I find that everything has pretty much been said.  So I considered what to do with the blog once everything has been said and figured I could either mothball the thing or start over.
Since I am still interested in preparedness, albeit less active in official disaster planning and preparedness than I was back when I started the blog, I decided that instead of letting the blog just sit, I would start over.

Beginning in September, I will start (actually continue) blogging here as if I were starting at the beginning with a new blog.  It may seem redundant to long-time readers who have heard--ad nauseum--about bug out bags and communication plans, et al, but I figure there are always people coming up who are just starting with preparedness and disaster planning so the basic information could prove useful to them.