Wednesday, May 29, 2013

10 Summer Safety Tips

Summer is coming up for most of us (well, at least those of us not in upper New York state...).  Here's some safety tips to remember:

  1. Drowning doesn't look like drowning so think water safety anytime you are near a river, lake, ocean, etc.
  2. Watch your pets (and small kids) around wildlife (example here).
  3. Never use gasoline to start your barbecue grill, bonfire etc. (example here).
  4. Beware of burglars (summer is prime time for home burglaries).
  5. Don't drink and drive (alcohol is often served at beaches, barbecues, and other summer events...that's no excuse for drinking and driving).  Watch this, have your kids watch this too.
  6. Prepare for summer wildfire season (tips here).
  7. Prepare ahead and avoid sunburn/heat stroke (example here).
  8. And keep your kids--from small kids to older teenagers--supervised (their brains aren't fully developed until they are in their early 20's, which means stuff like this happens).
  9. Remind your kids about stranger danger (tips here).
  10. Don't leave your kids or your pets (or anyone else for that matter) in a car during hot weather (this is all too common during summer months).

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