Thursday, January 17, 2013


I should have anticipated that posting every day on this blog would end up being both boring (#1, #2, #3...blah) and unlikely to happen (I am generally pretty busy every day).  So here's a quick update:

  • I will go back to posting more or less sporadically as before (sorry but I feel I have covered just about every prep topic under the sun somewhere in this blog so I will try to keep the info I provide here new and interesting instead of rehashing basic prep topics over and over again).
  • I have been walking and hiking everyday in preparation for some big trips this summer.  I hadn't realized just how extensive the network of trails for hiking is around Las Vegas.  Amazing.
  • The president's gun control plan as announced yesterday can be summed up by saying: enforce the gun laws we do have and if we wanted a dictator (23 executive orders. Really?) we would have elected one.  Oh wait...


  1. Your posts have not been boring and I check every day for new ones. Some of us new readers do appreciate your hard work and fresh reports!

    Thank you!

    (And wish you would keep going with the daily #s)

    1. I second it . Please keep it up the daily post

    2. I second it. Please keep the daily post

  2. How about re-posting some of your past posts with a short update to the info.

  3. I enjoy reading your posts but I don't check them every day. Post when you can and keep up the good work! Enjoy your hiking