Monday, January 7, 2013

Prep Tip #7: Gather Your Emergency Fund

Once you have got your mini emergency fund together (prep tip #5) and paid off all of your debts (prep tip #6), it's time to get together your family emergency fund.  This fund should be able to support you and your family--completely--for a period of six to twelve months.  In the event of job loss, a major illness, etc. this money can keep you afloat for an extended period of time until you can find a new job, relocate, get over the major disaster that affected your area, recover from illness, etc.
Saving enough money to pay your bills and living expenses for an entire year looks like a huge undertaking BUT, you will find that once you are debt free and have very few bills, the amount of money you will need to cover these expenses, even for the length of a year, is actually not all that much.  For anyone who has been able to pay many thousands of dollars in debt off, this will be even easier.  This time you are putting the money aside for YOU and not for your creditors.
So that is your prep tip for today, start saving now (or for those with much enthusiasm, get "gazelle intense") and knock out this goal as soon as possible.  In the event of the next disaster (remember it is not if but when) you will have a financial cushion waiting to help you out instead of worrying how you will feed your family for the next day.or pay your next cell phone bill.

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