Friday, January 4, 2013

Prep Tip #4: Get Fit

If you want to be able to save yourself, and others, during a disaster, you will probably have to exert some physical effort in order to do so.  That means you will need to be in some semblance of good physical shape.  How good a shape are you in?  Really?  Would you care to prove that?
Some years back we were working with a group of executives on preparedness and all had great ideas for their section--get together a first aid kit, hold fire drills, etc.  Then a few days later we walked into their office and held and impromptu earthquake drill which required everyone to get under their desk.  A few wouldn't fit under their desk, period, and a couple ended up needing medical aid for pulled muscles.  Yeah that went well.
So while most of us remember our glory days complete with spectacular feats of physical greatness like they were yesterday, the reality is that our stiff, crunchy bodies would be hard pressed to perform any sort of difficult physical survival maneuver without serious medical consequences.
Here's some idea for getting fit:

  • Attend yoga class (no better way to improve your flexibility)
  • Walk daily
  • Swim often (it's easier on the joints)
  • Do a challenge like this
  • Join a regularly schedule group activity (bowling league, volksmarch group, softball team, etc)
  • Do something physical everyday: tennis, golf, fishing, etc. (for added inspiration, take your kids/grandkids with you)
  • Keep a small hand weight set at home and lift weights while you are watching TV
  • Do calisthenics (a la Jack Lalanne) at various times throughout the day
  • Stretch morning, noon, and night
The bottom line is that if you don't use it, you lose it.  You don't want to lose it because you may need to save yourself some day by running away, climbing over debris, sliding under debris, or lifting heavy objects.  If you can't do those things you may end up dead.  That's counterproductive to being a prepper/survivalist.

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