Tuesday, January 29, 2013

News Round Up: The Preparedness Edition

Here's a few recent CNN articles that point out ways we can all be better prepared:

  1. New laws miss bigger gun problem (lesson: the nation may be freaking out over "assault rifles" but way more people are killed by handguns than rifles; don't be misled by media-induced hype)
  2. The danger of an all fruit diet (lesson: a sensible diet with carbs, protein, and fruits and vegies, will make you much healthier than fad diets; do eat a sensible diet and again, don't be misled by hype)
  3. Barbara Walters has the chicken pox (lesson: if you are an adult and have never had the chicken pox or received the vaccine you may want to do so)
  4. Harrowing stories from the nightclub blaze in Brazil (lesson: this is why I NEVER go to crowded public events, especially in foreign countries where fire prevention and fire safety awareness is lax at best)
  5. Gun culture in Colorado (lesson: you can't judge a book by its cover)


  1. My brother contracted the chicken pox as an adult - he was MESSED UP Big Time- took about 2 weeks before he could go back to work (school teacher) and his grade school kids were asking him why did he poke a hole through his nose. I had chicken pox as an adult - but its the ONLY childhood illness I had, Measles and the Mumps (good name that one :^)) I am worried about.

  2. On your first link you state that handguns may be more of a problem than assault rifles.I think that is probably true, but the focus may be on assault rifles because without them it would be easier for militia and law enforcement to round people up and ship them off to whatever concentration camp they want to send them to.a battle rifle is much more effective in defending a person at a greater distance, more deadly and more accurate than most people can shoot with a handgun.

  3. The reason that handguns are used many times more than rifles in homicide cases I attribute mainly to gang violence. This, of course, skews the data when you are looking at random violence/stranger gun deaths vs gang gun deaths. Either way, I'll keep both my rifles and handguns thanyouverymuch.