Thursday, December 27, 2012

Link Round Up: The Abject Stupidity Edition

Either I'm getting old and senile or the news and those who make it are getting stupider beyond all reason...cases in point:

  • An "ethical takeover of a gun manufacturer".  Uh...guns are made to kill.  Not sure where the "ethical" part comes in.
  • Newtown's murderer's mother was a survivalist obsessed with guns.  I know the media loves hype but really, calling people who prepare for whatever the future may bring a "survivalist" and equating the ownership of five guns as having an arsenal is just stupid.
  • Preppers prepare for the worst.  Nothing like stating the obvious.  Preparing for only the best would kind of defeat the purpose of prepping.
  • Group offers weapons training for Utah teachers.  A bad idea all the way around beginning with the idea that if teachers are armed there is an expectation that they will be mandated to respond in an active shooter situation; I can't even fathom the variety of lawsuits that could come of this situation   Then there is the part about the training being six hours long.  I don't want any novice shooter with only six hours of training carrying a concealed weapon around my kids or grandkids.  If you want armed people in the schools they need to be well trained and practice OFTEN for tactical shooting scenarios.  Teachers barely have time to grade their student's papers let alone get out to the range to train on a regular basis.
  • And then there was the newspaper that published the names and addresses of registered gun owners. I can see this playing out a few way...a) there is a spike in burglaries in the neighborhoods where there are a lot of gun owners, b) there is a spike in burglaries in the neighborhoods where there are few gun owners, or c) there is an increase in "Castle doctrine" shootings because people who would break in to a house to steal someone's firearms aren't the brightest bulbs in the pack and they probably missed the part about this information being about registered HANDGUN owners; so people who aren't listed could still own rifles and shotguns.
  • And then there is this article about, yes, people acting stupid during disasters.  'Nuff said.

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  1. And these are the bagel-munching sensationalist "professionals" we trust to keep US informed?
    Josef Goebbels had nothing on these propagandists!