Friday, December 14, 2012

Another Mass Shooting...WTF Is Wrong With People These Days???

I was just sitting down to type out a blog post that would say something about the active shooter situation at the Clackamas Mall in Oregon a couple of days ago.  I mean really, what more is there to say?  This seems to be a monthly occurrence these days.
So I click on the TV which is the "background noise" to my writing and take a seat at my desk.  Then all Hell breaks loose as reports start coming in about a school shooter which has, at this minute, killed approximately 27 students and adults in Newton, Connecticut.  To which all I have to say is WTF is wrong with people these days???
As of now the situation is still unfolding and there are no answers as to the who or the why of the shooting but as is almost always the case in these situations: it took place at a location where there is a better than average chance that no one will shoot back at the shooter, it took place at a location where people are pretty much oblivious to possible danger, and it gives the shooter an international stage (for whatever purpose...infamy, etc).
So for lack of anything better to write today, here's some random thoughts:

  • I would rather home school my kids than send them to a public school these days (yes I realize my kids are long past being home schooled and yes I realize that this is simply not an option for many parents).
  • If I was a teacher I would be armed every damn day regardless of what the rules are.
  • No, even with such a hideous event happening, I still won't give up my guns.
  • No, I don't think gun control will stop such incidents.
  • Even though this isn't a uniquely American occurrence,  Americans tend to have much more proclivity towards random violence than many of the third world Hell-hole countries I've been to.
  • There needs to be a way to prevent this and if it means having a prison-like fortress with armed guards and metal detectors at every school--urban and rural--than so be it.  I don't like the thought at all but I like the thought of little kids being slaughtered much less.
  • Law enforcement as well as school staff continue to upgrade their training in response to these scenarios.  Unfortunately improvements generally tend to come from after-action report.  After-action reports come after such events have occurred.
  • Kudos to the quick, multi-agency response by law enforcement and kudos to the principal who seems to have taken steps to warn the school that there was a dangerous situation unfolding.
  • I am praying for everyone who was impacted by this situation.  I can't begin to imagine how the parents and relatives of the teachers are feeling right now.
  • You can take this free active shooter course from FEMA online.
Right now, everything is speculation.  News is coming in in bits and pieces.  More on this topic tomorrow...


  1. Also today:

  2. The root cause is mental illness, the pundits and experts never talk about that subject. How many people killed themselves yesterday in the U.S.? Mental illness is rampant in our modern world.The killers used guns because guns are efficient. Mentally ill people would still do harm if they did not have guns. They would not be able to kill as many people, but I believe they would still kill.