Friday, December 7, 2012

10 Christmas Gifts for the Prepper

Sorry for the dearth of posts recently--it's getting kind of hectic around here due to the holidays.  So in the spirit of the holidays (and due to the fact that the spouse has nixed some of these ideas that I figured would be fine gifts for a few people on our list), I present to you some holiday gift suggestions for the prepper on your list:

  1. Firearms.  Fortunately I have a bunch of nieces and nephews who are at the age where a 22 rifle or a coveted .30-06 will make them jump up and down with glee (obviously you want the parents to be OK with such a gift and you also want to know for a fact that the parents will provide proper training and supervision if you are to give such a gift to anyone under 18 years old).
  2. Gift cards.  I like to semi-direct the purchase of (what I consider to be) good gifts by giving specific gift cards (Bass Pro Shops, REI, etc) instead of just giving a prepaid visa card.
  3. Toys that require imagination and activity.  As a rule I never give video games as gifts and will only give tech products if it is required (like a kid whose computer recently crashed or something).  Instead I prefer to give such "old fashioned" things like chemistry sets, telescopes, fishing poles, and other items that make the kids learn something and do something besides wiggling their fingers for hours on end.
  4. Annual passes.  If you have a friend or family member who has a particular hobby or interest, consider giving annual passes to the local aquarium, the local shooting range, or the local ski area.
  5. Tactical gear.  For the right person (in our case, my side of the family and not the spouse's side), cool tactical gear is always a hit (flashlights, knives, EDC stuff, holsters, etc).
  6. Experiences.  Probably one of the best gifts you can give (at least it is something that won't get re-gifted, put away in the garage and never used again, or Craigslisted) is an experience.  From the big and expensive cruise for the parents, to the cool and slightly less expensive, depending on where you live, deep sea fishing trip, experiences are a great gift idea.
  7. Practical stuff.  Often the most difficult people to buy for are the elderly.  They pretty much have everything already and are seldom craving for the newest hot tech item so what do you get them?  If you know their habits, consider filling up their freezer with a side of beef, providing gift certificates for their favorite restaurant, or providing gift cards/gift certificates to their local grocery store.
  8. Gold.  There are times when you will have to produce an "appropriate" gift (which, I have been told is something that does not require ammunition).  In that case I prefer to give something with a "wow" factor and a high social acceptablity factor; this means gold--a gold chain, a gold bracelet, or gold earrings (14 to 24 carat).  Not only is this an appropriate gift but it will also hold its value over time (and can be used in a barter/survival/bribery situation ..I just don't happen to mention that fact when I am giving the gift).
  9. Disaster preparedness supplies.  This will probably only go over well with people who have recently been in or come near a disaster (which makes them both aware of possible dangers and aware that they need some gear to weather a future disaster).  These items may include: a NOAA weather radio, a hand crank radio, a case of MREs, etc.
  10. Other useful stuff.  Again, you have to know the person in order to know what they would find useful, but some of the most popular gifts we have given to people have been a food dehydrator, tools, a pressure cooker, an auto emergency kit, etc.


  1. RE: Experiences - I happen to live in unincorporated King County, WA, but can get a Seattle Public Library card. With that, I can get free passes to local museums. Take someone who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity, and you have an excellent experience. Also consider spending time sharing a skill, or helping someone with a project.

    Several years ago, I gave my mother three cans of Sterno 'wrapped' in a clean, white sock (because of the urban legend of being able to strain it through a sock and drink it). Made her laugh, and gave her something practical for emergencies. She's 85 and a side of beef would be as useful as boobies on a bull - she'd never get through it. Rides to the doctor, dentist, grocery store, or a local craft store are always welcome, as are doing projects around the house that an older person has a hard time with.

  2. Does this mean YOU are already for the world to get the Almighty Finger next Friday?
    It'll make something like the 15th time in my life some genius has come to this out-to-lunch conclusion Earth is screwed, based on a sign from their gods they "scientifically" discovered/was "revealed" to them alone...
    Color me skeptical!