Wednesday, October 3, 2012

10 Items to Have on Your Key Chain

Obviously you don't want your key chain to weigh five pounds (like this, which is a bit much but a good example), however here is an assortment of items that you may find useful to have attached to it:

  1. A small, round whistle useful for signalling in a disaster (similar to this).
  2. A small, flat flashlight, useful for when the power goes out (like this).
  3. A tiny, folding knife (if you don't usually carry a pocketknife) (similar to this).
  4. A library card (really, the best tool you can have is knowledge and there is plenty to be gleaned from the library).
  5. A carabiner which is useful for many things including keeping your keys clipped to you (similar to this).
  6. A thumb drive with your important documents on it--password protected, of course (like this).
  7. A kubotan (or other small, self defense aid), provided you know how to use it (like this).
  8. A small Sharpie, useful for all sorts of things from signalling for help to writing down a license plate number (like this).
  9. A micro firestarter (if you don't usually carry a lighter) (like this).
  10. A mini compass (usually in an urban or suburban environment you would never need this but consider a Katrina-like event that wipes away all of your landmarks) (similar to this).
These are just some examples.  There are literally dozens of items you might want to carry on your EDC key chain so the idea is to tweak your key chain to suit your needs without it weighing a ton.  Make sure the items you choose are as small and light as possible, don't duplicate things you carry elsewhere, and can be useful in everyday situations as well as during an emergency.

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  1. A SAK Mini Champ is on my keychain, scales removed so tweezers / toothpick gone, so the knife is about 1/8" thick. A lot of utility, two different knife blades, small scissors and I'm thinking of making the cuticle blade into something more useful (chisel? pick? Something!)