Monday, September 10, 2012

Which Would You Be?

This was today's big news story today.  Fortunately the evacuation didn't happen in my neighborhood but it is a good lesson for all.

Do you want to be this person featured on the news?
Police knocking on door: "Ma'am you need to evacuate right this moment there's a gas leak."
Woman (featured on the news): "Oh my God! Kids! We have to leave right now!"
Family runs around frantically then somehow everyone makes it out of the house.
News person interviews woman who dramatically recounts the event: "We had no notice!  My kids are walking around without shoes!  How long is this going to take?  What if we can't get back into our home soon?  What am I going to dooooo?"
Husband then sees wife on the news at work and panics, calling her repeatedly until he can get through (he kept getting a busy signal).  Woman makes the problem seem bigger than it is.  Husband clocks out and races home but has no idea how to get through the police tape or where to find his family when he gets home.

Or this person?
Police knocking on the door:  "Ma'am you need to evacuate right this moment there's a gas leak."
Woman (not featured on the news because prepared people aren't that dramatic and therefore don't draw ratings): "Kids, you have 30 seconds to get your shoes on and get out the door and get to our meeting place"
Woman then opens closet door, grabs BOB, counts kids as they run out the door, and the entire family heads directly to the tree down the street (their second neighborhood meeting place because the first was blocked with police tape).
Husband then sees wife on the news at work and taps out a quick text message to his wife (texts go through even when cell calls won't).  Wife responds with the "no problem" family code.  Husband returns to work while wife breaks out a few snacks for the kids then breaks out the playing cards to play "Go Fish" until given the all clear or dad comes home and picks them up.  Husband arrives a couple hours later, heads to meeting spot #1 and sees it's blocked off then heads to meeting spot #2 and finds family playing cards.  Family goes out to dinner and waits for the "all clear" from the police.

There were quite a few of Example #1 featured on the news today...

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