Thursday, July 12, 2012

10 (More Practical, Less Philosophical) Deadly Decisions You Can Make

I came across this blog post and thought "this should be interesting, it's always a good idea to avoid deadly decisions."  It turns out the decisions discussed in this post are more deadly for your spirit than for your actual person.  So, in the interest of keeping you physically alive, here are 10 deadly decisions people often make (obviously you will want to avoid making these decisions).

  1. Driving under the influence of anything (drugs, alcohol, prescription meds, while reading text messages, while having a heated cell phone conversation, et al).
  2. Partaking in physical activities that are a) inherently dangerous, or b) beyond your abilities.  These include but are not limited to: mountain climbing, base jumping, swimming in difficult water, etc.
  3. Stressing out on a regular basis.  You always hear that you should reduce stress but I have seen the outcome of years of unchecked stress and it usually ends in death via alcoholism, overdose, or a complete shutdown of the organs of the body (not a pretty thing to see BTW).
  4. Partaking in dangerous occupations, everything from the legal to the illegal (drug dealer, gang banger, etc).
  5. Who you associate with (everyone from drug dealers--see dangerous occupations above--to people who make you want to strangle them on sight--see cheating SOs or a boss that makes you want to go postal).
  6. Treating your body like a garbage can (this can be everything from drinking to excess and smoking to eating anything and everything or choosing not to exercise).
  7. Not receiving appropriate medical care (sometimes small medical issues can blow up into deadly/life-threatening situations due to lack of appropriate care).  BTW suicide--mostly from untreated depression--is a common causes of death in our country.
  8. Where you live (parts of Chicago are a good example of where not to live).
  9. Not making adjustments as you age (it's astounding the number of elderly who die from preventable falls. Ditto for medication mistakes and driving mistakes).
  10. Not making adjustments to your environment (ie: in a heatwave, seek cooling; if a hurricane is on it's way, evacuate; if the grandkids are coming over, lock up your firearms, etc). 

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