Monday, June 6, 2011

Support CNI!

We're trying a few new things to support the CNI website and blog without selling the actual content that is created (ie: we want to give away the content and not evolve the blog into a sort of giant marketing mess as some websites have done). There are a few websites (financial sites, not survival sites) which began with great content but morphed into every-other-post-is-a-marketing-hook to get you to buy yet another new product they have created. I also don't like reading posts where every other word has a product link to it. I am, however, a fan of free information and of helping people out so while the content will remain free, if you do want to make a donation, or better yet, if you are going to be buying something from Amazon anyway, you can now do this through the CNI site and we get a few bits for each purchase you make (unless you buy your wife a diamond ring in which case we would be set for a year!).
Check out our new page here.

Update: The CNI blog is now optimized for viewing in your mobile phone!

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