Friday, March 11, 2011

The Earthquake in Japan... What You Need to Know

I was puttering around the internet this morning when I came across breaking news that there had been a big earthquake and potential tsunamis in Japan. Specifically the Tokyo area of Japan. Immediately I sent out a blast email/text to everyone I knew who lived in the Tokyo area as well as a few people I know who are stationed with the military in the Tokyo area. It was a worrisome few hours until the messages started trickling in that everyone I knew there was OK. I also received a frantic call from my sister who was surprised that I answered my cell phone--our original plan was to be in Tokyo this very month so she was relieved to hear that we had changed our plans and would go to Asia later this summer.

Like many disasters, there was little to no warning that such a catastrophic event would occur and most people were far from ready for it (although in Japan they are much more prepared for earthquakes than we are in the US).

I've blogged previously about how to be prepared for an earthquake so that post will be a quick refresher:

And the most important part...practice! Hold regular earthquake drills for your family. Hold regular communication drills with family and friends. Prepare ahead of time by getting your BOB ready, knowing the basics (ie: how to turn off the gas, how to drop cover and hold, how to make safe drinking water in the event of an extended disaster, etc), and have a cushion of cash available should you need to bug out or just buy fuel or food when there is an extended power outage.

The bottom line, as we saw in Japan, is that during an earthquake of this magnitude, luck plays a pretty big role in survival, however being prepared ahead of time can push the luck meter a bit more towards your favor.

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