Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Update...and Get Your Gun Facts

First the update: Check out the CNI website. We have revamped it a bit to put the link directory back on the main page and make it less cluttered.

Also, get your Gun Facts here. Even thought this is today's Daily InSight link on the CNI site, I felt it was important enough to put here as well. Mainly because yesterday on some show that was on TV there was a guy commenting on the shooting in Arizona and clearly advocating for more gun control as he emphasized that 32 people a day are killed by firearms in the US. What he forgot to mention was that a number of those deaths are suicide by firearm, not one person shooting another, and another fraction of those deaths are gang/drug related so his skewered facts were highly misleading and made it sound like 32 people are day are going out to shoot innocent citizens in our country.

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