Thursday, January 27, 2011

And a Few More News Links...

Here's a few more news links...with comments:


  1. I think it is funny that you feel a need to appologize for a diet suggesting as not being prep related, but not Obama's place of birth.

  2. Well Obama's birth certificate situation is just weird. And while being healthy is the cornerstone of preparedness, about 95% of the preppers I know are decidely unhealthy (yet they have some killer gear)...go figure...

  3. Really?

    I am not out of shape. I am just getting old. The preppers always sound like such a healthy bunch.

    My neighborhood is loaded with "concerned" people. A lot of them probably are listening to Glenn Beck. You could call them preppers-lite. They buy an extra fire arm and may practice with them some. But I doubt they do too much more.

    In any case, most of them are in decent shape by civilian standards. Probably a factor of the areas demographics.